Thursday, November 3, 2011

School So Far...

This year I'm in seventh grade and for the most part, it is pretty cool. Some of it stinks like stupid people, boring subjects, and being stuck in electives that you don't ENTIRELY prefer. :) But most of it is awesome. I have four great teachers for math, English, science, and history. Then I have an extra two classes where I do my elective and exploratory. Exploratory is where you kind of expound on what you have learned that day and for my elective, I do band. The main reasons I don't really like band are:
(1) There are some PRETTY weird people in that class.
(2) You don't get to do ANY other electives.
(3) I had to do it last year.
(4) I don't learn much and all we do is practice.
Everything else is fine though. I have awesome friends who are people I always hang out with and we always have fun together. I have AWESOME teachers and I have had a good time being challenged this year. School is going good...:)

My Family

So obviously, I have the most AWESOME family EVER! Here are a few pictures of them.